How To Register and Enroll in Wikipedia

Getting registered on Wikipedia can provide you with so many benefits. The fact is that most of the Wikipedia audience is not aware that they can also get themselves registered on Wikipedia. As they are using Wikipedia to gain authentic information in which no signup is required. However, when someone wants to provide his own contribution on Wikipedia so signup is obligatory.

As far as the contributions on the Wikipedia platform are concerned, the platform is getting contributions in thousands on the daily basis. As a whole, Wikipedia is an encyclopedic platform that gets maintenance on daily basis by its contributors.

They are adding their insights to Wikipedia in the form of editing already existing articles, or creating new ones. Though, those who want to provide extensive contributions to the Wikipedia platform are required to get themselves registered first.

For those who are seeking an answer to a question about how do I put my name on Wikipedia , they are at the right place for sure. Here they will learn the Wikipedia registration process in the most efficient way.

The usual sum of edits per article on Wikipedia from 2001 till 2016

Getting registered on Wikipedia is not rocket science. Anyone can do this by adhering to the guidelines. Prior to knowing how to enroll in Wikipedia , let’s learn what you can get after getting registered with Wikipedia.

The Summary of Wikipedia Registration Benefits

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the summary of the benefits that you can get right after registration.

  • Username and privacy

One of the most ideal privileges a user can get by registering on the Wikipedia platform is one can choose a username, that must be unique. By getting a username, the edits you perform will be associated with that name and not with the IP address. You will also get your own user page where you can easily get in touch and collaborate with other contributors.

  • Reputation and communication

Once you get registered on this platform then undoubtedly you will gain a notable online reputation in the shortest span of time. Other Wikipedia users will start to recognize your work. All you need to do is to provide solid contributions to the Wikipedia platform.

Apart from adding something to Wikipedia, account creation is also useful for other purposes too. For instance, with a registered Wikipedia account you can vote for the admins. Moreover, once you get a notable reputation then you will avail of privileges like rollback , sysop/administrator and etc.

  • Custom page

As a registered user, one gets the chance to customize his page as per his own preference.

How To Get Enroll in Wikipedia

Getting enrolled on Wikipedia can provide the ultimate benefits that you have already read above. If you are wondering how to register in Wikipedia ? Then follow the simple process that is mentioned below.

To get enroll in Wikipedia one needs to do the following things

Step: 1 Go to Wikipedia’s official page

First, it is necessary to go to Wikipedia’s official page in order to start the registration process.

Step: 2 Click on the create an account button

Once you reach the Wikipedia official page you will see a button on the top right that will read “Create account” as shown below.

Click on the create account button to start the registration process instantly.

Step 3: Create an Account

When you click on the create account option as mentioned above, then you will see that another page will appear at which you will have a registration box. In that box, you will be required to add a few essential pieces of info. For instance:

  1. You will add a unique username. It will be different from your actual name. usernames cannot be made private because they are public anyone can see them.
  2. You will use a unique password that you are not using anywhere else.
  3. Once you are done with adding a username and password then it is time to recheck them carefully
  4. After adding a username and password you will see another box below on which you will require to fill out a security check or CAPTCHA.
  5. After that you will see a blue button that will read” create your account”, once you are done with all the above-mentioned processes then you can click on that blue button then you will become a registered Wikipedia user.

Why do you Need to Get Registered on Wikipedia?

Individuals can get numerous benefits if they get registered with Wikipedia. Once they get registered, they will become Wikipedia contributors. To become a Wikipedia contributor, it is mandatory to get enroll in Wikipedia.

One of the supreme benefits Wikipedia provides to its contributors is full access to control. Those who are having extensive knowledge about any topic and like to contribute to Wikipedia, are first required to register themselves on this platform.

3 Things you should know Before Registration.

There are so many things that count a lot for Wikipedia contributors. Contributors should be well aware of these things before they start the registration process. Let’s have a look at what are they:

  1. How to Conduct A Detailed Research

To get registered on Wikipedia, it is important that the contributors should be aware of how to conduct detailed research. Before start writing any article in order to contribute to Wikipedia, it is necessary that the writer should have a thorough knowledge of the topic he is going to write about. To increase knowledge regarding any subject matter it is vital to conduct thorough research.

Contributors should also search the topic, that they took to write on Google to see whether anyone has provided contributions regarding it or not. Wikipedia does not allow contributors to provide their contributions on any new topic.

Contributors are obliged to create articles on already existing topics. Along with the content-related research, they should also have in-depth insights into the policies and guidelines of Wikipedia. In case they are not familiar with it then they should do proper research about it.

  1. Adhere to the Wiki Guidelines

The first and foremost benefit of sticking to Wikipedia guidelines and policies is that it saves a lot of time and minimizes the chances of refusal.

It is also significant for the one who is going to contribute to the Wikipedia platform that the content he provides must adhere to the Wikipedia guidelines. Staying on the line and following the guidelines of Wikipedia saves a lot of time. Adhering to Wikipedia guidelines and policies reduces the chances of rejection or disapproval.

  1. Track an Organized Process

The contributor can only get success if he is aware of Wikipedia’s systematic process which is consisting of a few steps:

  • Research Wikipedia
  • Account creation
  • Edit Existing pages
  • Collect your sources
  • Draft the content
  • Submission of the page
  • Timely Updates

Wikipedia Guidelines that a Contributor should know

There are a few guidelines of which Wikipedians should be aware. Staying well aware is better rather than getting a rejection. In case you are speculating about How do you get your name on Wikipedia then you need to go through a few things that are mentioned below.

  1. Clear point of view

It is imperative while contributing to Wikipedia you must have a clear point of view. The audience will only stay last longer if you provide them with clear content instead of providing the one having countless ambiguities. In case you provide ambiguous content then it is obvious that you will lose your audience base.

  1. Refrain from wordiness

Contributors should keep in mind that if they use long and lengthy sentences then the content will be unnecessarily exaggerated. That is why it is vital to refrain from wordiness.

  1. Content formatting

During the creation of content, no matter if the contributor is contributing to the already existing article or is creating the new one, formatting plays an important role in grabbing the audience’s attention. While formatting, adding bullet points, numbers, and subheadings where obligatory.

  1. Sidestep the publicity content.

Another important thing from which a contributor should refrain is publicity and promotion. Wikipedia does not allow to the addition of promotional content and content that publicizes any person or company.

  1. Do not include any original research

As of now, you are aware that Wikipedia does not allow any content that is produced as a result of original research, so try to refrain from it. To avoid this, you need to extend your research and try to work on those topics that are already addressed by other individuals. Link them if they are credible and authentic. To learn how to link credible sources go through Wikipedia’s credibility guidelines.

  1. Search and add credible sources

Last but not least thing is to add credible links for citations. To cater to this, contributors should gather authentic sources and links. The addition of such sources that provides backing to your topic would be appropriate. Let’s have a look at what You can add:

  • Knowledge from the reliable textbook
  • News from an authentic source
  • Research-based magazines
  • Guides / encyclopedias / manuals.

Wikipedia is an open-source platform that encourages individuals to contribute to its platform. However, to become a part of this global community one needs to get registered.

The Wrap Up

Wikipedia is an open-source platform that allows its contributors to provide their useful contributions in the most efficient way. Anyone can contribute to Wikipedia no by going through in-depth of the above-mentioned things you can easily get enrolled in Wikipedia.

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