Make Your Own Wikipedia Page For Fun

Wikipedia is one of the most popular platforms. It is famous for having millions of pages full of information and data. The platform is available for audiences around the world and free of cost. Anyone can read, edit, and create a page on Wikipedia for free. If you are thinking, can I create a Wikipedia page, then it’s a yes. You can make a page on the platform.

The Wikipedia website traffic grew by over 5.1 billion unique visitors in May 2022.

The stats itself shows the significance of the platform and its demand among researchers and readers. Wikipedia is used as the first choice to know detail about any topic.

And its availability and a lot of benefits make it hard for people to create a page on the platform.

How To Make Your Own Wikipedia Page?

Creating a page on the platform requires a lot of effort, hard work, and time. To make a high-quality Wikipedia page let’s divide the process into three parts;

  • Research Stage
  • Writing Stage
  • Submission Stage

Can I create my own Wikipedia page? These steps will help you in making your process easy. You can break down the process and organize things more specifically.

Research Stage

In this stage, you have to research everything that you want to include in your article.

In-depth Research About Your Subject Or Topic

To write a good Wikipedia page, you have to ensure that you have every detail about your subject or topic. You have to do in-depth research about your subject. The whole timeline of the subject from the start to the end should have been covered in the Wikipedia article. Every little detail about your topic is vital, and you should not leave anything behind.

Research And Learn About Wikipedia

Wikipedia is built for the readers to provide information and data that is authentic and reliable. And to keep everything in check, the platform has many guidelines and policies . These guidelines help the platform to maintain quality good, and the writers to write the perfect draft of the page. It is essential for you to understand the rules and how Wikipedia work.

Extended Research For Resources

The next thing you have to research is the resources. You must have a significant number of resources to back up your statements. Wikipedia has a policy of no original research , and this means you cannot add your opinion or hypothesis. Not only this, but you are also not allowed to add your own research, survey results, interviews, or anything to prove a fact until or unless it is published in any other source.

Search Your Topic On Wikipedia

It is a wide platform, and almost 56,767,681 Wikipedia articles are available for readers. This led to the chance that the topic you want to write about is already on Wikipedia. So, search for your subject or topic on the platform before start writing.

Writing Stage

The second stage of how to make your own Wikipedia page. After gathering all the information about the subject and collecting all the resources you can move to the next stage – the writing stage.

Create An Outline

The first step to writing a perfect draft for a writing page is to create an outline. The outline will help you to ensure that you are going on the right track. The outline is also in the formatting of the Wikipedia page. You must provide a sensible outline for the page so it will be easy for the readers to understand what they can find in the article.

Write Your First Draft

The first draft always needs a lot of attention. You have to make sure that you are adding every information and detail about your subject. The Wikipedia pages always have a chronological order. So, ensure that you are writing according to it.

You also have to ensure that you are not using bias tone in your writing. Wikipedia doesn’t allow any promotional content. Also, the tone of your article has to be formal and professional.

Edit Your Draft

Editing is the most important step of your writing stage. You cannot leave it because here you will take care of all the mistakes and remove any flaw that can harm your Wikipedia page. You should look for all the mistakes, such as grammar, spelling, sentence fragments, incomplete phrases, and more.

You can take help from your friends and colleagues to help you with the editing. They can read the draft for you and pick out the mistakes. Make sure to read the draft two to three times before finalizing it.

Finalize You Draft

After completing the draft finalize it. Add all the references and citations at the bottom of the document so you have all the submitted documents in one place.

Now you are ready to create a page on Wikipedia .

Submission Stage

After completing the draft and finalizing it, you can move to the next stage to create a page. This stage also has steps for better workflow.

Create An Account On Wikipedia

Wikipedia allows users to create a page but only after they become a member. To create a page, you can simply go to the main page of Wikipedia and click the create account option available at the upper right corner of the page.

Here you will have to provide information, such as username, password, and email address. After completing the verification, you will be able to use your account.

Make Edits To Existing Pages

To be eligible to create an article on Wikipedia, you should make at least ten edits to the already published pages. Editing on Wikipedia also helps you to understand the mistakes in other articles and also you get the grip on the content type because of it.

You can edit the pages suggested by Wikipedia or choose one as per your choice.

Create A Wiki Page

In this step, you can create a page. You will have three options here – sandbox, improve, and article wizard. To create the first page, you have to choose article wizard.

After clicking the article wizard, you will land on a page that has another set of options. Here you have to choose. Click and go through the options to get to the creating space.

Submit Your Page

Now you can paste your final draft on the text box. Make sure you did it one more time to be sure. Submit it to the official editors of Wikipedia . And the editors will evaluate your page and decide whether you should approve it or not.

Reasons Wikipedia Page Is Beneficial

There are many reasons why you should have a page. It has a lot of benefits for the subject. Some of them are mentioned below.

Visibility: Wikipedia has billions of readers and unique monthly visitors. The platform holds a lot of opportunities for the subject to be visible to the world. The availability of the platform is also the main focus. And you can get to reach a good amount of audience through the platform.

Credibility: The platform is one of the most credible sources and most of the readers use this to discover detailed information. Having a page on Wikipedia increases the credibility of the subject.

Awareness: Wikipedia can be a good source if you want to aware the audience about something. The Wikipedia pages are designed to inform people about the topic and it can help you to reach the public faster.

Marketing: Although promotional articles are not allowed on Wikipedia. But the pages on the platform are being used as indirect marketing methods by several marketers. And the demand is increasing day by day.

Online Presence: online presence is one of the most important elements for anyone. And Wikipedia can be a good way to strengthen your online presence. As you can see, for any term you will search on a search engine, there is a possibility that you get a page as the first result. And that is how you can be on top through Wikipedia.

Make your own Wikipedia page for fun and enjoy the benefits. Wikipedia is popular among everyone and this can be your chance to avail of the advantages offered by the platform. So, make a page and get hold of every opportunity.


Why do I need a Wikipedia page?

Wikipedia is one of the prominent websites and has so many benefits. You need a Wikipedia page for visibility, and credibility and to be a reliable source.

I want to create a Wikipedia page, what should I do?

You should read the guidelines of Wikipedia and follow them to create a page and then submit it to the platform.

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