How To Get a Wikipedia Page Approved

Having a well-versed Wikipedia page can provide countless benefits no matter if you are an individual or representative of any company, Wikipedia serves all. Most of the internet population is aware of the fact that Wikipedia is one of the most searched sites on the internet.

The core reason for being the most searched site is that Wikipedia aids a lot in gaining online recognition, and prestige. Those who want to give a kick start to their writing career should initiate with already existing Wikipedia articles.

However, getting the Wikipedia page approved is a crucial task that demands a lot of attention and time. Anyone can create an article page for Wikipedia the foremost requirement is awareness of Wikipedia guidelines and policies.

Wikipedia proposed a few policies to avoid conflicts, biasness, copyright issues, unverified content, plagiarized content, and so on. To make a Wikipedia Page approved it is important to follow those guidelines diligently.

Why it is Vital to have an Approved Wikipedia page?

As of now, people have learned that apart from providing authentic and credible information, the Wikipedia platform solely can provide the next level of online recognition. The thing that matters the most is the tactics that you use in creating a page by keeping in view all the proposed rubrics of Wikipedia.

Moreover, there is a bundle of benefits that you can get if your Wikipedia page gets approval from the authorities. The perks that the page will provide after publishing are listed below:

  • A Wikipedia page supports enhancing credibility and authenticity.
  • Helps a lot in increasing online traffic / online audience.
  • Wikipedia pages aid a lot in making you visible
  • Wikipedia pages make the world acknowledge that you exist too.
  • It also provides assistance in refining off-page search engine optimization.
  • If used intelligently, it is without a doubt a good medium for B2B.

Wikipedia positions amongst the top domains of the world. It is the most searched site for certain reasons, of which the primary one is the provision of authentic content. Wikipedia makes sure that the content its readers get to read through this platform must be verifiable, credible, and fully cited.

Why and How Wikipedia is a Global Platform?

Wikipedia is easily accessible to people all across the globe. Distance does not count. The most important point to note here is that the Wikipedia pages are available in almost 329 languages, out of which 8 are the most used ones in order of Wikipedia article count. Let’s have a quick look at the below.

As Wikipedia pages are available in more or less 329 languages, so the speakers of these languages can easily get their required content on the platform.

7 Prerequisites for the Wikipedia article creation

The readers might be wondering how to get a Wikipedia page approved, then they should keep in view the 7 prerequisites of Wikipedia article creation.

  • Do all-inclusive research

Prior to starting article creation, you need to make sure that you have enough ideas that are applicable. To get the article approved without any hassle, it is crucial to perform detailed research about the following things.

  • Search concepts for content creation
  • Comprehensive research on the topic
  • Search for the best SEO practices
  • Wikipedia guidelines and policies
  • Wikipedia content approval policies
  • Do not add original research

Wikipedia does not encourage original research. So, while creating an article you should stay vigilant. Conduct thorough research about the topic you have chosen. The topic you picked must have already written content, from valid resources.

  • Do not get biased

Wikipedia promotes 100% neutrality on the platform and discourages biased content. Biased content does not get approved by Wikipedia authorities. In case it gets approved accidentally then it will get removed for sure once the authorities acknowledged the blunder. Neutrality is the primary reason that the Wikipedia platform is trustable to those who came to acquire knowledge.

  • Make headings wisely

You might have heard about this several times that the headline of your content predicts its future. It is the real truth because the more captivating the headline is the more readers or web visitors it will attract. Make sure to address the issues of the audience through the headlines in a very concise manner. You can also take short courses on outline creation.

  • Include only relevant information

Unnecessary exaggeration leads to the failure of the content. Adding irrelevant and unwanted information affects the article’s quality. It also questioned the credibility of the content. On contrary, if you include only to-the-point insights, stats, and facts to make a Wikipedia page approved then you will definitely accomplish this goal. Thanks to the Wikipedia content creation guidelines.

  • Recall readability

Meanwhile adding insights, stats, and facts to the article makes sure that the readability does not get compromised. The most crucial thing is to maintain the readability of the content when you are taking inspiration from different articles at a time. However, while drafting, you can go with the flow but when the article is in the final phases it is imperative to keep in view the readability of the content.

  • Comprise appropriate citations

Last but not the least, the thing that adds credibility to the content is citations. Citations are the legal way of describing that certain or specific material in the article belongs to a different source. In simple words, they are used to provide references. Adding citations provides a bundle of benefits to Wikipedia articles. It would be right to say that one can legally use someone else’s point from his content by adding citations.

How To Get Your Wikipedia Article Approved

To get the article approved in the first place, it is important to keep in view these three prerequisites:

  • Practice first before finalizing

To become proficient in any task “practice” is the most crucial thing. As far as the Wikipedia article is concerned, before creating the final draft it is suggested to practice it in the sandbox of Wikipedia. As per the content creation guidelines proposed by Wikipedia, it is obligatory to generate the first draft and then improvise it in the final phases. It provides so many benefits to the article.

By going step by step, you can point out the mistakes and blunders in the content on your own. If you have ever gone through the process of Wikipedia article creation, then you might be aware of Wikipedia’s “Article wizard”. This thing gives the golden option to the writers in order to generate their first draft of the article

  • Search for an existing article

To get the Wikipedia article approved the thing that matters the most is to avoid original research. As of now, you are already aware that Wikipedia does not support content that is based on original research, so make sure to avoid it while creating articles. To avoid this, contributors should outspread their research. They should search topics from broad perspectives and gather the relevant ones. In short, the topic you have chosen must be previously published in any authentic source.

  • Proofread the article

Once you are done with all the above mentioned things then it is essential that you should give a thorough read to the article before sending it for final approval. Proofreading will help you out in eliminating mistakes and blunders all by yourself and there will be less or zero chance that your page will face rejection. While proofreading, also keeps in view whether the content you created fits up to Wikipedia’s conflict of interest policies or not.

Conflict of interest guide should be kept in view:

While creating a Wikipedia article, the conflict-of-interest guide should be kept in view. By keeping a close look at it, one can refrain from the rejection of an article.

  • If you plan to contribute to Wikipedia, it’s crucial that your ideas are unambiguous and simple.
  1. For Wikipedia contributors, it is advantageous to contribute to the Wikipedia talk pages. So that the community will learn about your existence.
  2. On this platform, selling, or advertising something directly is strongly discouraged by Wikipedia. These things run counter to the content’s and point of view’s neutrality. You are only accountable as a Wikipedia volunteer for offering the readers relevant and truthful insights.
  3. There should be supporting data and facts in the content. Make sure the content you post addresses the issue and must have the most recent data, statistics, and insights related to the subject they have selected.
  4. Contributing to the talk pages on Wikipedia is helpful for contributors. to let the neighbourhood know you are there.
  5. Wikipedia strongly advises against selling, or advertising anything directly on this site. Both of these factors are at odds with the impartial point of view and impartiality of the subject matter. You have a limited scope of responsibility as a Wikipedia contributor if you don’t give readers relevant and accurate information.

3 Principles of Article creation on Wikipedia

There are three principles that should be kept in view during the article creation.

Wikipedia is intended for referencing, not for advertising.

As you have already read above that the purpose of Wikipedia page creation is to provide the latest and useful knowledge about almost every topic all across the globe. However, those who try to use the platform for promotional purposes gets failed ultimately.

Cooperation, patience, and courtesy are essential.

The community of authors and editors on Wikipedia is fostered by its contributions. They must respect one other’s feelings and boundaries while contributing. Additionally, cooperation, tolerance, and courtesy must always be kept in mind.

Content has to be impartial.

The content that is present in the article must be neutral and free from any kind of bias-ness Contributors should cover the topic from all the thinkable sides and should refrain from getting biased.

How long does Wikipedia approval take?

More or less, it takes 3 to 6 months to get the Wikipedia page approved. However, this is just a rough estimate and the page approval timeline may vary depending on the conditions of that time.

However, there are two factors due to which the creation of an article takes a lot of time.

  1. Produce quality content

Wikipedia encourages quality content. In order to produce quality content, time and effort are the two essential requirements.

  1. Editing and proofreading

Once the article is created, the time taking process is editing and proofreading that article. That is the factor that affects the timing of page submission and page approval.


Who Can Get a Wikipedia Page?

To get a Wikipedia page, one should be notable. Though, it is mandatory to adhere to the guidelines and policies of page creation to get a Wikipedia page.

Who Qualifies for A Wikipedia Page?

Those who follow all the guidelines and policies proposed by Wikipedia. Also, the contributors who put special attention to adding information that gets verified easily, qualify for the Wikipedia page and get their page approved with ease.

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