How to Create a Wikipedia Profile

Creating a Wikipedia profile is one of the amplest tasks that provide long-term outcomes as a result of untiring efforts. Wikipedia page creation has become so common among folks. Individuals are getting numerous benefits by creating a Wikipedia page.

However, the thing that matters the most to get the Wikipedia page approved, is to follow a systematic process. In case you are well cognizant of the Wikipedia page guidelines and policies then no one can stop you from getting the page approved instantly.

For those who are seeking a comprehensive guide to create a Wikipedia profile, then they are at the right place for sure. Here they can get all the significant prerequisites regarding Wikipedia page creation. So, without further ado, let’s have a close look at them.

The above-attached screenshot is of the main page of Wikipedia. That is showcasing current events, news, and the activities that occurred in history on this date.

Tips on How to Get Wikipedia Profile Approved Instantly

There are numerous experts who have provided so many suggestions to create a Wikipedia page that gets instant approval. However, here you can get all those tips that are proven and work for sure. Let’s have a look at what they are:

A Detailed Research

  1. When you choose to create a Wikipedia page, then there is no doubt saying that you would have to conduct thorough research to learn the depth of the topic on which you have chosen to write.
  2. You need to search your chosen topic to see how other writers have created their writing pieces on the same topic. Pick the pinpoints that you think must be added to your writing piece too.
  3. However, sort out and eliminate those points that you feel are irrelevant and if included would exaggerate the content unnecessarily.
  4. As soon as you are done with this, then it’s time for your contribution. Try to hunt for any additional info about the topic that you think should be present in your write-up.
  5. Once you have done the above-mentioned research regarding your topic, then it’s time to start researching the technicalities of content creation. For instance; have a firm grip on vocabulary and grammar.

Adhere to the Wiki Guidelines

  1. The next tip following which your content will get instant approval for sure is sticking with the Wikipedia guidelines. If one is adhering to Wikipedia guidelines then there is no chance of getting the content disapproved.
  2. Sticking with Wikipedia guidelines can provide a lot of benefits to the creator. At first, the chance of revisions will be less or zero.
  3. Adhering to Wikipedia guidelines will save a lot of time for the creators.
  4. If the content is exactly as per the mentioned guidelines and policies of Wikipedia then it will get approved without much hassle.

Follow a Systematic Process

Another tip following which you won’t have to face any issues while getting your page approved is to follow a systematic page creation process.

A systematic Wikipedia page creation process is consisting of a few steps that are:

  • Research about Wikipedia
  • Account creation
  • Edit Existing pages
  • Collect your sources
  • Draft the content
  • Submission of the page
  • Timely Updates

The above stats are showcasing the fame of Wikipedia among the top domains all across the globe.

How to Make Wikipedia Profile: Follow these 7 Easy Steps

Those who are facing ambiguity while creating a Wikipedia page must follow these easy steps. If one diligently follows these steps then he would end up having a well-versed Wikipedia page undoubtedly.

Research about Wikipedia

While creating a Wikipedia page the first and foremost thing to which one should pay keen attention is the research about Wikipedia. Before starting your journey to this platform, it is obligatory for you to learn about this platform. The more you learn about Wikipedia the more chance you will get to approve your Wikipedia page in an instant way. Furthermore, researching Wikipedia will reduce the chances of facing difficulties in the whole page creation process.

Account creation

The first and foremost thing that is required for page creation is to have a registered Wikipedia account. To get a registered Wikipedia account there are a few policies and guidelines that should be followed by all means.

However, creating an account on the Wikipedia platform is the simplest task when compared to other steps. In order to create a Wikipedia, account user is required to go to Wikipedia’s official page.

When he goes to the home page, he will witness that an account creation option will appear which reads out “create an account. By clicking on that link, one will head towards another page where he will be asked to include all his personal information for instance name, email and etc.

Become autoconfirmed user

After the successful creation of the Wikipedia page, another step is to become an autoconfirmed user. To become an autoconfirmed user there are a few conditions. One is that a user’s account must be at least 4 days old and he must have edited more than 10 Wikipedia articles.

Such conditions need to be followed in order to become an autoconfirmed user. In case your account gets autoconfirmed that simply means that you have got an official permit to create a Wikipedia page.

Collect your sources

As you know that Wikipedia is not for publicity and marketing. On the contrary, its purpose is to provide authentic and credible information to its readers and web visitors which is why it is important to add credible authentic sources.

However, the most important thing is that the sources must be verifiable through authentic third parties. While gathering or collecting sources for Wikipedia articles, you should keep in mind that the content you create must be based on authentic and reliable facts. It is also important to provide relevant links.

Draft the content

In case you have systematically followed all the processes then it’s time to construct your writing piece. First, take start with creating a rough draft. Then modify it as per your requirement. Make sure that the content you create must adhere to Wikipedia guidelines.

When you start drafting make sure to check and then recheck the formatting. Once you have successfully composed the draft, then read it thoroughly to detect and then delete it if there are any mistakes found. As long as you think that the draft you created is all set to go for submission then what do you waiting for!

Submission of the page

As long as the Wikipedia writer is done with all the aforementioned steps then it is time to submit the paper for the final review. However, the submission can only take place if all the mentioned steps have been successfully completed.

In case as of now, you have submitted the page for the final review of the Wikipedia authorities, then it’s time to lay back and wait patiently to get your page approved. Sometimes the process becomes time taking as the authorities have a pile of pages to be reviewed.

In any case, if your page does not get approval, then it is a chance that it is not fully adhered to the Wikipedia page creation guidelines. So, it is advised to stay vigilant and recheck the things before submitting the page for the final review in order to refrain from disapproval.

Timely Updates

In case you are done with all the above mentioned things and you are thinking that your job has been done successfully then it would be right to say that you are a daydreamer for sure. Your job has yet to be done as the most important task is just started once your article is published.

That simply means after the publication of your article you need to stay more vigilant in order to provide relevant updates on time. Make sure to provide relevant updates. Refrain from redundancy and unnecessary exaggeration.

Things you should refrain from when creating a Wikipedia page

Whenever you start any project there are a few things from which you need to refrain. The same goes for Wikipedia page creation. Let’s have a look at which things you should refrain from while creating a Wikipedia profile.

Articles about

When you decide to create a Wikipedia page, you will face a few limitations. For instance; you can not make articles about own self. However, if you choose to do so then it is possible that your page might get disapproved. Read Wikipedia guidelines about article creation.


Wikipedia does not allow anyone to publicize anything through this platform. If you have ever gone through the guidelines, it is clearly written that the platform is created just to assist readers who are in search of valid and researched based authentic knowledge. That is why anyone can access it for free.

Outbreaks on a person or organization

Attacking any person or organization is strictly prohibited on Wikipedia. One should have thoroughly read out the conflict-of-interest guidelines when he decides to create a Wikipedia page. In case someone breaches this policy then they would have to face the consequences too.

Personal essays or original research

At Wikipedia, a person is allowed to only publish content that is already published by any valid and reliable publisher. No original research and personal essay would be entertained by Wikipedia and eventually get disapproval right away.

The Wrap Up

As of now, you all are aware of all the tips and steps to have a Wikipedia profile that instantly gets approval so it’s time to get one for you.


How Do I Get a Wikipedia Profile?

In case you are wondering to create a well-versed Wikipedia profile then you need to adhere to the Wikipedia policies and guidelines regarding page creation.

How Do You Get a Wikipedia Profile?

Those who are wondering to create a Wikipedia profile can get one by following a systematic process. For instance, they need to create an account, become autoconfirmed users and then have a Wikipedia profile.

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