How To Create A Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is a worldwide platform that is popular as the website with the largest collection of data and information available online. It is available for everyone from anywhere around the globe. The platform has been used as one of the essential sources for many types of research and academic purpose because of its credibility and authenticity.

Wikipedia is not only used for creating awareness but also as a way to influence or indirect marketing. There are almost 500,000 brands worldwide, and every famous brand has a Wikipedia page . Creating a page on Wikipedia has so many benefits for the subject, and it is one of the most prominent ways to reach a large amount of audience.

If you want to create a Wikipedia page, then you are at the right place. But, before you make a Wikipedia page, there are many other things that you should focus on.

Things You Should Know Before Creating Custom Wikipedia Page

There is a list of a few important things to consider and know before going to create a page.

Choose The Right Topic

Before doing anything else, the first thing that you should know is the fact that whatever topic you choose should not have a Wikipedia page before. And not only this but also the topic has to be appropriate for Wikipedia. The platform is massive, and the size of English Wikipedia consists of over 6,565748 articles. There is always a chance that your article topic can clash with the other one.

So, make sure that your page topic is unique. The topic should meet the notability guideline of Wikipedia. But if your topic is not notable, then it is not eligible to make a Wikipedia page.

Know Your Audience

Before writing a Wikipedia page, you need to know your audience. It will help you to write the page in your audience’s easily understandable language. The thing is that common people don’t know professional terms and vocabulary most of the time, and it makes it hard for the readers to understand your page. You should analyze your target audience and understand their style to write a comprehensible Wikipedia page.

Well Research Material

Wikipedia doesn’t believe in vague statements and opinions; you must provide proof of every fact and data you are adding. That is why you should back up your provided information with verified sources. Your research skills should have to be good to collect all the material that you will be required to cover your topic. Ensure that your research is thorough and appropriate.

These are some of the points that you should keep in mind before you create a Wikipedia page.

What Do You Need To Create A Wikipedia Page?

When you write a Wikipedia page, you must know the requirements of the platform. This will help you create a good page.


Notability is one of the most important things that you might require. If you want to create a Wikipedia page about any topic, the first thing you have to check is the notability of that topic. Without it, you cannot create a custom Wikipedia page.

Notability is usually a test that is run by the editors , and they decide whether the topic is appropriate to have a page or not. The merit that an article requires;

  • It should meet the general notability guideline below or the criteria outlined in a subject-specific notability guideline.
  • It is not excluded under the policy of what Wikipedia is not.

Verified Resources

The second thing that you require while creating a Wikipedia page is verifiable sources. Verifiability is the most critical requirement of the platform. No article gets approved without the proper references from reliable courses.

If you are adding information, facts, or data about the subject, you must strengthen it with sources. These sources will have a section under the article as references.

A Wikipedia Account

To read and edit an article on the platform, you don’t need an account. But if you are going to write a page about anything, then an account is a must. After creating an account on the platform, you can write and submit a page to Wikipedia. But keep in mind that your account must be 4 days old at least to create a Wikipedia page.

How To Create A Wikipedia Page?

After knowing the things you should learn about the platform and the requirement of the platform, let’s head to the steps for the creation of a page.

  • Research your subject
  • Gather reliable resources
  • Create an outline
  • Write and edit the draft
  • Create an account
  • Edit the existing articles and pages
  • Upload the page to the article wizard
  • Submit your page for review

Research About Your Subject

Research is the most crucial part while writing a page for Wikipedia. If you want to write the best page for the platform, then you must research your subject. You have to study the topic thoroughly and understand every aspect of it to write perfect statements that are understandable by the readers. Make sure you don’t leave anything behind. Your article should be reliable and detailed enough that there is no need left for the readers to visit another page for further information about the subject.

Gather Reliable Sources

Gathering the resources is a need and also an important step of the page creation process. There is no way you can write a page without any proven and reliable sources. You can use any published material as a source, such as books, journals, articles, blogs, news, magazines, interviews, and more. Keep in mind that social media posts are not eligible as reliable sources. Ensure that all your resources are from the credibility third parties.

Create An Outline Of Your Page

The next thing in line is the outline of your page. If you are confused about how to make a Wikipedia page, then an outline is a good method to keep the work on track. The outline helps you in shaping the article, and not only this, but the Wikipedia page also features an outline to make it easy for the readers. The Wikipedia pages are written in chronological order, so keep the timeline accurate.

Write And Edit The Draft

The next thing to do is start writing the draft for your page. Make sure to keep your tone professional and formal. Wikipedia doesn’t allow plagiarism, so avoid it. Your article should not propose a bias about the subject – it has to be neutral.

After confirming the draft, you have to move on to the editing of your draft. You should not leave any mistakes because these silly mistakes can be the reason for your article’s rejection. Eliminate any mistakes, such as grammar, spelling, punctuation, and prepositions. Not only this, keep the sentences in check, the sentence fragments, and broken or incomplete statements must also be removed.

Keep a check on readability. If you don’t know how to create a Wikipedia page with better readability, then remember that you should not make lengthy paragraphs. The formatting of your article should also have to be according to the platform.

Finalize your draft.

Create An Account

When you have the final draft ready, now move to the next phase of how to make a Wikipedia page. For this, you have to create an account on the platform. To make an account on the platform, follow the steps;

  • Visit the official website of Wikipedia.
  • At the upper right corner of the page, there is a create account option click it and you will be directed to a new page.
  • After this, add the information, such as username, password, email, and others.
  • You have to verify your email address, and then you will be able to use your account.

And now you have your own Wikipedia account.

Edit The Existing Articles

To be eligible to create a page on the platform, you must make at least 10 edits to the already published article. These edits will help you to be autoconfirmed users by the platform. And then, you can submit a page without any problem.

Upload Your Page To The Article Wizard

The next step of how to create a Wikipedia page is to upload your article to the article wizard.

You can click the next to upload the article to the article wizard. And if you are still not sure about how to make a Wikipedia page, then you can practice in the personal sandbox. Both methods are applicable as per your ease.

Submit Your Page To The Editor

The final step in the guide is to submit your page to the official Wikipedia Editors . The article review usually takes 2 weeks to 3 months, and if it extends, it will take a maximum of 6 months for the acceptance of any article.

This is how you can create a page on the platform with these simple steps. Make sure you read the policies and guidelines of Wikipedia carefully to understand the platform and write according to it so your article will not get rejected.

What To Do After The Wikipedia Page Gets Approved?

Getting a page on Wikipedia is not the end of the process. There is much more even after the approval. When your page gets approved, you have to take care of it so it can offer you benefit for a long period of time.

The maintenance of the article is important. You need to maintain the page to;

  • Keep the article up to date.
  • Correct any editing done by another independent editor.
  • Check for errors.
  • Ensure that your profile doesn’t lack any new information.

If you keep the article updated and maintain its quality, it will help you to access more readers who are looking for the detailed and latest information about your subject.

Why Should You Have A Page On Wikipedia?

Wikipedia has many benefits and some of them are here;

Wikipedia is one of the largest platforms and has almost 5.1 billion unique global visitors and this means you have a chance to be visible to billions of people around the globe.

Another thing about Wikipedia is that it is the most reliable source. And if the subject has an article on the platform, it confirms the credibility and reliability of the subject.

Wikipedia is one of the ways to indirectly market yourself to your target audience. It helps you in boosting the fan following of the subject.

Wikipedia helps in boosting the online presence of the topic. If you want to create an impact and aware people of any topic Wikipedia is the best choice for this.

Wikipedia is the best way to be discovered by a new audience every time. The platform gives you a lot of opportunities and chances to spread the word about your topic, you just have to use it correctly and make a Wikipedia page.

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