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Wikipedia is a comprehensive encyclopedia that allows everybody to develop their name in the online world. You all know whenever you search for anything Wikipedia page always appears on the top rankings of Google. The best thing about a wiki page is it creates user-generated content, so anyone can write a Wikipedia page under its page creation guidelines. However, it is an open editable platform has billions of page viewers. According to Wikimedia Statistics, 8 billion page views monthly. It means you have a better chance to become part of the world’s free and biggest encyclopedia without hassle.

Source: Wikimedia Statistics

Wikipedia is now 21 years old and is regarded as the most reliable and notable source of information. It helps readers to get information in their national language by translating it into almost 326 languages. A non-profit organization manages this Wikipedia in order to provide readers with cutting-edge information.

Because it democratizes information, Wikipedia praises for producing verified & unbiased content. Wikipedia strictly adheres to ethnic identity and suggests to every page creator to avoid any kind of prepossession and conflict in the content. However, it is one of the best things that sets it apart from other websites.

If you want to create a Wikipedia for myself to pop up on various search engines, it is the right time to get involved in it. Making a Wikipedia page is not a serene task that everybody can do due to its prerequisites. Yet, creating a page requires time and effort, so in this, you will read some guidance, criteria, and experts’ suggestion for “How to create a Wikipedia page about Yourself” hassle-free.

How Do I Create a Wikipedia Page for Myself?

To create a Wikipedia page of Yourself, it may take months from the initial idea to the finished product. If you have a clear plan for each stage and a proper understanding of how to make your own Wikipedia page, then you will surely end up with a flawless page that receives instant approval from the Wiki authorities.

Make sure you are going in the proper direction, and don’t leave anything behind while composing your Wikipedia page. Ensure that you have everything ready if you don’t want to pause midway through the process of making your own Wikipedia article. Try to stay focused on your work and be vigilant to avoid any obstacles.

  • Create Your Wikipedia Account First

The very first step to creating a Wikipedia page is account creation. When you are entering any platform or event, you need to register yourself first to develop a full-proof identity. Similarly, to build your good reputation on Wikipedia, sign up for your name to get some unique and authentic credentials that allow you to enter the encyclopedia and initiate your page creation journey.

The account creation process is the easiest thing to do;

  • Open the homepage of the World’s largest encyclopedia (
  • Read Wikipedia in your language to understand its policies
  • Choose the world’s largest language means English
  • Look for the ‘Create Account’ option on the top right corner of the screen
  • A new file opens where you need to enter the username & password to get unique credentials
  • Do not forget to add the email address where you will receive the confirmation link
  • Once you get the link, then click it to get a confirmed account
  • Then again log in with your credentials for confirmation

Before creating your page on Wikipedia make sure your account is at least 10 days older with some credible and authentic edits on the most outdates wiki pages.

Some Experts Instructions Before Getting a Wikipedia Page for Myself

Making your own Wikipedia page might be challenging. There are numerous Wikipedia policies to consider. Once you acquire the knowledge about how Wikipedia sites get operate, the things will surely get easier. Undoubtedly, Wikipedia is a very effective and efficient platform for building your persona globally.

Here are some suggestions to assist you in creating a Wikipedia page on yourself;

  1. Wikipedia Community Guidelines

Not all time you are lucky to find good star sources to make Wikipedia page content. Finding knowledgeable and preferable resources is a daunting and challenging task. It’s preferable if you adhere the Wikipedia’s rules and policies. In order to construct your Wikipedia page. Make sure you have a strong grip on its core content policies and what Wikipedia is not.

Source: What Wikipedia is Not

Once you follow its guideline then building your reputation might be easy. You might even incorporate an interesting and engaging piece of information into your Wikipedia article. It surely makes your page more worthy, credible, and reliable. It even shows to the community that you are committed to creating your page; it is not just a one-time use account.


If you’re unsure of how to make your Wikipedia article about myself, the search box assists you and tells if your topic is present on Wikipedia or not. This search box enables you to look up Wikipedia help.

  1. Your Topic Notability

Wikipedia runs by the community of its volunteers. Due to the lack of its notability, many wiki pages cannot receive page approval. Content correctness, affiliation, and authenticity are the sole foundation of this largest encyclopedia. If you are creating your Wikipedia page, be sure the topic you subject matter must be comprehensive and follow significant coverage. It indicates that the topic you have chosen to write about yourself on Wikipedia must appear in a number of trustworthy sources.

According to the Wikipedia Notability rules for persons,

“People are considered notable if they have been mentioned frequently in several trustworthy secondary sources that have been published and are intellectually unrelated to the issue.”

  1. Consider Independent Sources

Verifiability must be guaranteed using sources that are connected to your content. Your references ought to be trustworthy and real. You must be able to back up the information you’ve given about your accomplishments. Facts and history must not be built on any shaky foundations. If so, even after being published, an article like that on Wikipedia is immediately deleted. The AI bots examine the content and eliminate any inaccurate or misleading information you add to your wiki page.

  1. It Is Not a Soapbox

Wikipedia is not a soapbox where you promote your achievement and accomplishments, advertise your success, and create a battleground for others. While creating your Wikipedia page for yourself, make sure your content follows a neutral point of view that encourages others to read your content.

Every person on this planet knows Wikipedia is not a place to test out new ideas, it is the hub of information that gives credible information about any topic instantly. You only need to discuss some interesting facts and figures rather than sharing your opinion with others.

  1. Look For Authentic & Credible Sources

Wikipedia users need to add a variety of credible resources to show the subject’s authenticity. This greatest platform strictly suggests to its page creators to pay extra attention to the information they are providing to its readers. Make sure the sources you add must be pertinent that give in-depth insights about the subject that is addressed in your article. Bear in mind that adding relevant sources will improve your whole internet reputation and increase search exposure.

Without adding qualified resources, your page on Wikipedia will never get qualified. Citations must have the appropriate and lies under the Wikipedia formatting guidelines. Ensure that all references must be made to secondary sources.

Make A Wikipedia Article About Yourself – A Step by Step Guide

A simple guide to creating a Wikipedia page about yourself. You know Wikipedia always ranked among the top search pages. To improve your online visibility and build a reputation worldwide, having your optimized page is your best bet. Having the perfect page on the global encyclopedia needs timeless efforts and understanding. In such a regard, you need to consider the major steps to follow for having a seamless Wikipedia article for myself.

Step #1 – Gather Information About Yourself

Step #2 – Consider the Subject’s Uniqueness

Step #3 – Compose Optimize Content

Step #4 – Adding Reference Links Are Crucial

Step #5 – Do Amendments If Needed

Step #6 – Overview of the Page Submission Criteria

Step #7 – Wait for Page Wiki Page Approval

Let’s get delve deeper into it!

Step #1 – Gather Information About Yourself

Getting on Wiki means you should look for both valuable and original content. Here original content means “content that is already published on credible sites.” If you want to capture the reader’s attention and maintain their interest in your article, your content must be compelling, captivating, and engaging. Make sure you gather the information from sites that are considered reputable and verified. So, you will need to cite the information with statistics and facts to support your topic.

Step #2 – Consider the Subject’s Uniqueness

Wikipedia is looking for verified content on every topic. You must be sure that the content on your page is unique and has never been published on Wikipedia. You must enter the page title in the search box to see whether your page topic is unique; if it is already on the wiki, you must choose a different topic. If your topic name is highlighted in red, you are good to proceed.

Step #3 – Compose Optimize Content

You must adhere to the full format of a Wikipedia page for yourself. When you decide to create your page on the wiki there are certain things that are imperative to add such as your early life, your educational life, where you spend your childhood, your professional life, and all. While adding this information ensure that your content must link with legit sources that get approval from Wiki authorities.

Basic details regarding a person’s professional background and accomplishments are imperative to add because readers always love to read such information. You can even discuss your marital status.

Step #4 – Adding Reference Links Are Crucial

Try to be exact with your research criteria and refrain from including any information that has not been fully verified. Reliability is one of the key elements and a knowledgeable component of Wikipedia. It is beneficial to write optimal content that includes accurate citations and references. That increases the legitimacy and trustworthiness of your page.

Step #5 – Do Amendments If Needed

Always keep in mind that if you want your Wikipedia article to be approved, you must ensure that it has been updated in accordance with Wiki page creation criteria. If you want a qualified page, you must edit Wikipedia in a genuine manner and make the necessary changes to increase its relevance and authority.

Step #6 – Overview of the Page Submission Criteria

The procedure for submitting your Wikipedia page is pretty straightforward. You just need to follow the instructions to quickly publish your page. However, for this step, you first log in to your account and access the “create a page” option where you upload a file in order to submit it.

Step #7 – Wait for Page Wiki Page Approval

You have to wait a few months after submitting your content to Wikipedia authorities. However, it typically takes three to six months for a Wikipedia page to be approved. If the authorities discover any errors, they will send you to update your content and consider its accuracy. Once Wiki volunteers determine your content is trustworthy, they immediately accept your article.

Notability Guidelines for How to Get a Wikipedia Page About Yourself?

  1. Be Clear
  2. Be Concise
  3. Avoid Redundancy
  4. Do Not Overlink
  5. Vandalism Is Prohibited
  6. Avoid To Create Augmentative Article
  7. Say A Big No to Original Research

Frequently Asked Question

How can I make a Wikipedia page about yourself?

Are you wondering how can I make a Wikipedia page about yourself? So, it’s pretty simple. You just need to check your topic uniqueness and ensure your page follows the content creation policy to get an optimized page.

How we can create Wikipedia page of myself?

To create a Wikipedia page of myself, first, create your account, make authentic edits, do some research and read the Wikipedia page creation guidelines to create flawless content.

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