How To Create A Wikipedia Page For An Author

Every author who is passionate about their career desire to establish a significant name for themselves or both locally and internationally. However, the struggle to reach the goal is notoriously challenging. It doesn’t matter how good or unique your content is; it’s not an easy task to be a bestseller in the online market. In such a case, getting up on Wikipedia is the best approach to win the online battle.

As you all are aware, Wikipedia is an ever-evolving encyclopedia where anyone can create a page and article to get recognized globally. Creating a Wikipedia page for an author can offer massive enrichment and great development to his career. As Wikipedia is Google’s search engine’s favorite and comes at the top. This is the reason why Wikipedia is the most suitable technique for authors to let the world know about their content by just fulfilling some promising strategies.

Creating a wiki page lets the author build his reputation and increase his presence on digital platforms. Thus, if you are willing to create a Wikipedia page for an author, this blog will surely help you get all the nuts and bolts for creating an author page on Wikipedia.

Things Must Be Considered While Creating a Page for An Author

Are you wondering how to create a Wikipedia page for an author? Then the table below would help to get the basic knowledge about it. Here you will learn about certain perspectives that must be considered when creating a Wikipedia author page.

Exact Details related to birth Date and the place where the author born
Occupation Author
Language Mention the language they used for writing
Genre Type of content the author creates
Notable work Written Contributions
Awards The achievements the author receives to the date
Family Spouse, children, and blood relations

To provide you with a better consideration, below is a screenshot of a famous author, Leo Tolstoy page that portrays what should be involved in the author’s Wikipedia page.

A Comprehensive Guide About How to Make a Wikipedia Page for An Author

  1. Read the Wikipedia Policies and Guidelines

Before creating a Wikipedia author page, you must look closely at Wikipedia policies and guidelines. Getting a page on Wikipedia is a sensitive task. Although, if you are eager for your page to get vested by Wikipedia immediately after launch, you need to obey all rules & regulations governed by Wikipedia officials. Here are some points extracted from the comprehensive list of policies.

Wikipedia’s Policies and Guidelines

  • Verifiability

It is imperative for writers to add reliable and verifiable information on the pages because Wikipedia believes in the info that is already published. So, in order to make the process convenient, include such information that is true and can be verified easily.

  • Neutral Point of View

A neutral point of view (NPOV) says that the content should be written carefully and critically, evaluating the variability of reliable sources and not getting biased. In addition, the article is edited in such a way that it doesn’t feel the content is unfair and biased. In simple terms, the writer must need o make sure the topic is appropriate and well-sourced.

  • No Original research

Wikipedia does not contain any original research. As it requires taking inspiration from the notable and recognizable already published content for the Wikipedia page. To provide validity to your page, it’s crucial to add a source that is already published by reliable sources. At the same writers need to make sure they are not violating any copyrights. Because copy-pasting and any plagiarism don’t allow Wikipedia to approve your page.

  • The Principle of Notability

Wikipedia maintains the notability of the page and acquires the knowledge about whether an author you are writing about is notable or not. According to the Wikipedia notability guidelines, the author should be a notable personality. Whoever you write about must be valuable enough to gain significant attention and stay on the page for longer.

  1. Create a Wikipedia account

Creating an account is the simplest task in the whole journey of Wikipedia. While creating an account for the author on Wikipedia, you need to go to the official website of, and you will see the option of “Create an account” in the upper right corner of the Wikipedia website. Clicking on an option will take you directly to the account creation page. Here you also have a chance to select the language you want to proceed with.

Now you have to enter the desired user name in the ” Username ” box. Don’t choose a username that promotes another business. After choosing the right username, you must put in the strong password you can remember. Approve your password by reentering it in the “Confirm Password” box. After inserting your email address, you can finally click the big “Create account” button and become a registered user of Wikipedia.

  1. Check For the Red Link

If you are now thinking that your Wikipedia account has been created, your journey becomes so easy. But you’re mistaken. Because the real game of Wikipedia begins after the account creation. After account creation, you have to check the author you are about to cover is exceptional on the Wikipedia platform.

To check the uniqueness, you have to go to the Wikipedia requested article and put the name of your topic in the search box. Upon entering the name, if a search box shows the red link, that means a page on Wikipedia has not been created yet, and you can start writing about him. On the other hand, if a blue link appears in the search box, that shows the author already has a page on Wikipedia.

  1. Research the Information about the Author

Once you check that the author you will cover is unique and appropriate to have a page on Wikipedia, you must start searching about him or her. You must search for verifiable and reliable sources that are tremendously important in Wikipedia page approval. Be sure to fully research your topic from internal and external resources, including the reliability and notability of your draft. You should provide extensive information in your description to make your content more valuable.

  1. Write a Draft Page for an Author

Now, you have reached the most significant and interesting Wikipedia page creation step. The content you write for your page should be readable and understandable so that it helps you to drive search engines and increase traffic to your page. Make sure that the content you write is non-promotional and must not defame the individual. Wikipedia does not prove any promotional content and acquires to maintain s neutral tone on the page. When writing a Wikipedia page, keep in mind that you are delivering information about the author, not advertising to him or her.

  1. Create an Outline

Before moving further, give some time to format your content in such a way that it catches the reader’s eye. To do this, you can include proper SEO(Search engine Optimization) strategies that optimize your content and increase its readability. Keep your sentence concise, as well as the length of the paragraph must be up to 4-5 lines at maximum. Divide your ideas and information into subheadings so that readers can skim your content and decide whether to continue reading or not. You also can try the formatting tools to make your content more presentable.

  1. Provide Citation

You have covered a long way of author’s page creation, and now it’s time to cite your sources from respected and recognized references. Providing any unauthentic and unreliable sources to your article is prohibited by the platform and can harm your efforts. Thus, it is significant to provide such information and data that is already published on genuine sites such as books, journals, and newspapers. To make a Wikipedia age for an author and have the article accepted, you must be sure that the link you provide is from reliable and verifiable sources.

  1. Proofread

Before submitting your page for final approval, analyze whether the content is properly passed on and the structure of the sentences is well-formed & well-written. With the help of proofreading, you will be able to improve the quality of your page and ensure there is no lingering mistake so that it lets you get approval on Wikipedia earlier. You must read your content slowly and carefully to check spelling mistakes and punctuation and find your content’s tone. By proofreading, you can emphasize building your page’s credibility and fix each error type effectively.

  1. Submit your page for approval

After finalizing all the steps efficiently, it’s a right to submit the Wikipedia authors page for review. To do this, you need to press the big “create a page” button on the left side. The page approval process can also take a few days, weeks, or months. By the time you get approval, you will be notified by email or in your Wikipedia account.

  1. Continue making improvements

Your job isn’t done even after your page gets accepted. You need to stay in touch with your page to make timely updates and keep your audience involved with your page. When you create a page for an author, it’s essential to continue making improvements for clarity, factuality, and reliability. The more you engage your readers with improving content, the longer you will leave a mark of credibility on the site.

In a Nutshell

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this complete guide to creating a Wikipedia page for an author. If you have followed all the steps written in a guide efficiently, you will surely get your page published on Wikipedia as an author.

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