How To Create Wikipedia Page for A Person

One can explain a lot related to Wikipedia, because of the benefits it provides to the readers. The platform provides numerous benefits to its readers bringing comprehensive articles in more than 306 languages. You can read anything without asking for permission, so free knowledge is at access. One of the purposes of Wikipedia is to create content in every branch of knowledge.

However, at times Wikipedia misses out on creating a Wikipedia page for someone. So, it creates a chance for you to Create A Wikipedia Article About A Person. Thousands of articles are being submitted or created to avail benefits.

One of the best parts about Wikipedia is the free access for readers. You do not need to pay a fee to make an entrance on Wikipedia. There are other rules to follow. Just make sure Wikipedia is verified by Wiki contributors and editors.

How To Create A Wikipedia Page For Someone?

If you have come to the thought and want to learn, How To Make A Wikipedia Page For Someone? There is a lot to look into. Start by looking into the details of creating a Wikipedia page for someone. Wikipedia is a fledged platform with policies and guidelines. Once you start learning to create a page with the right administrative privileges.

As you may know, Wikipedia is a non-paid, non-promotional platform that is not allowed to be used to serve personal interests. You have to be careful before going into the process, as the Wikipedia page can fumble and be directed toward deletion.

So, it is better to avoid creating a page on your own , but now Wikipedia allows an editor to contribute . The editing is allowed to eliminate conflict of interest. Editing is easy as long as it follows policies and guidelines. Furthermore, Wikipedia has allowed paid contributions in exchange for money.

The Policy Of Paid-Contribution Disclosure

If you are paying or receiving a certain amount, it should be disclosed. It needs to be disclosed who you are paying to edit. Further, if there is any relationship, it needs to be revealed. Whoever is getting paid or paying must adhere to the rules of Wikimedia Foundation’s Terms, or other local policies and guidelines. You need to abide by the following terms,

  • It requires a statement on the user page.
  • A written statement is to be submitted on the talk pages, revealing the paid contributions.
  • Another written summary of editing accompanied by paid contributions.
  • Wikimedia asks to disclose every term and disclose their employer, client, or affiliation on the main user page. It depends on how you are contributing to the course.
  • No one is allowed to make any direct edits; you can propose some changes by requesting edits through a template.
  • All the volunteers need to be respected by keeping discussions professional.

Some Important Policies and Guidelines of Wikipedia to Follow

Here are simplified versions of policies on How To Make A Wikipedia Page For A Person. All of the below mentioned policies are official and have to be kept a priority.

Be Bold but Be Civil

While there are other policies and guidelines to follow. Another great quality of Wikipedia English is to act civil. Writing on Wikipedia is collaborative and the two good points suggested by the platform itself are bold and civility. These two rules come under the conduct policies .

You cannot be rude to anyone while you are in the course to make a Wikipedia page for a person. You have to behave well and be polite when contacting anyone. Rather than focusing on personal issues, one should be considerate. Moreover, Wikipedia asks to assume good faith, meaning other people on the platform have a positive intention to make improvements in the project.

Take A Look at Content Policies

The core content policies are a major part of writing Wikipedia articles. They are not conceptual but rather practical whichever editor and writer needs to be familiar with them. Wikipedia has principles for writing articles which are governed by three basic policies,

  • Every Wikipedia article about a person needs to be fair from every angle and by every means. Writing a Wikipedia article is one of the crucial steps as everything has to be from a neutral point of view.
  • Every article needs to be written fairly and be verifiable. Readers should be able to see from where you are attaching the links. All the links need to be verifiable by an inline citation. The importance behind is crucial, so that content cannot be challenged.
  • Self-created articles or promotional articles cannot be used on Wikipedia. Thus, all the sources need to be from secondary sources used by a third party. Moreover, Wikipedia has allowed specific sources such as journals, literary articles, and government public records.

Take Care of The Article Titles

Article is another parameter to respect in Wikipedia article writing for a person. The article title is placed at the top of the Wikipedia page and is for the page name and URL. Distinct title article title helps in identifying from other. The topic of the article can either name or the description of the person.

Now, there are attributes attached to select and make title of articles. Any article title should be related to the topic of the topic of the subject and be created on consensus. There are some characteristics that are to be looked after in choosing an article title.

Consider Notability

Notability is one of the driving forces in making a Wikipedia page. It is the basic guideline and or could be called a basic rule to qualify for Wikipedia. It tells whether you are eligible To Create A Wikipedia Page On Someone. If the person has collected a worth of significance you can expect a Wikipedia page.

Every editor needs to follow the basic guideline where the person has gained enough reliable and independent sources. The person should be notable over a period of time but not outside the scope of Wikipedia.

Notability has two guidelines, either you can fit into general notability guidelines or be subject specific guidelines. Sometimes the subject does not fit fully into the guidelines so it can be merged with another article.

Steps of How To Start A Wikipedia Page For Someone

How To Create A Wikipedia Page For Someone? Now, there is more to do. Wikipedia page creation process has some vital steps to follow. If now you are much aware of Wiki policies and guidelines now you need to take a look at its steps.

Account Creation

The first step is to make an account on Wikipedia . You need to have full knowledge on creating a Wikipedia page. If you create an account, you can have an access to edit Wikipedia page. Creating an account on Wikipedia page will give you your unique username and register you on Wikipedia.

Make sure you have a strong password, and use a nickname to easily identify yourself in the crowd. After creating an account, you have a free access to edit and make contributions.

Page Creation

Before creating a page, you need to become an autoconfirmed user. Wikipedia has defined its guidelines for becoming an autoconfirmed user. An account is allowed to make edits after four days of creating an account. Once you obtain the status, now you can make at least 10 edits to achieve the status.

Now, a challenging part starts – creating a Wikipedia page. To create a page, visit Wikipedia Article Wizard. It takes you to the search bar where it asks you to create, and is only possible if you are an autoconfirmed user. Later, it takes you to a sandbox where you can practice and see the outlook of the article.

Search And Existing Article

On Wikipedia, there are millions of articles and before working on an article you need to make sure there aren’t any other topics with the same name as yours. Therefore, Wikipedia has an article titling policy, to have an insight to every important aspect. In case, an article with the same name exists, but your topic can be searched under different spelling or name, go for renewal of article titling policy.

If you are not an autoconfirmed user, you can file for a request. Make sure you are aware of the article title that go rejected and are not choosing them. Some other names can be found under copyright violations or are not as important to be a part of Wikipedia. The volunteer reviews the request, and if it seems legit, they redirect the request. Broad the research to avoid any kind of overlapping topics or does face any kind of deletion.

Keep Up with Citations and Formatting

While in the course of How To Make A Wikipedia Page On Someone, take a full update on citations and formatting. The platform is ultimately an encyclopedia so it is to prove its validity and credibility. Therefore, do not forget to add third-party links for a verifiable Wikipedia page.

So, when you compose a draft, start adding citations as per Wikipedia citing sources. Moreover, follow proper guidelines not making a Wikipedia page for someone. Outlines help out the reader with readability and one can easily jump to the part they want to read.

Start Drafting

Drafting and formatting an article can go together. It is important to write multiple drafts, so there are no loopholes. Drafting also helps in achieving command over writing for Wikipedia. It is not easy to keep up with Wikipedia policies and guidelines, so here drafts can be helpful.

After writing drafts, you can also take a look at it in the sandbox, or post it on the talk pages. By posting an article on the talk pages, you can discuss it with contributors.

Choose The Draft and Submit for A Review

After writing drafts, it is time to choose the most suitable article that fits best according to Wikipedia policies and guidelines. Choose the best of you writeups. Run some quality assurance tests so there is no room left for editing or deletion.

Now, you can submit it to Wikipedia, and wait for the review. The review typically takes around 3 to 6 months. After the review Wiki editors may reply with some changes.

Keep Monitoring and Updating

The process does not end here. You have to keep an attentive eye on your page. As you know, Wikipedia is an open-source platform anyone can make changes that can defect the quality of your article. So, it is better to hire someone who can edit and maintain a Wikipedia page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Make a Wikipedia Page About Someone?

Yes, you can create a Wikipedia page . After achieving notability, you are eligible you can take help of professionals to make a Wikipedia page about someone.

How Do You Start a Wikipedia Page?

If you want to start a Wikipedia page, there are steps to do it. You can start making a Wikipedia page by creating an account on Wikipedia.

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