How To Create A Wikipedia Page For A Musician

Getting a page on Wikipedia for a musician is tricky. It is no doubt one of the best methods to build credibility and reliability. It is also perfect to gain exposure to your music. There are lots of independent artists and also there is a list of guidelines on Wikipedia. There are many factors when it comes to Wikipedia page writing. The pages on Wikipedia are well-written and equipped with factual data.

On average, according to Wikipedia statics, 565 articles are being added every day. And all those articles qualify because of their accurate information and alluring writing.

Band Notability Is Essential

Notability is the most vital factor to write a page on Wikipedia. The platform doesn’t accept articles that are being written on unknown subjects. If you want to create a page for the musician or band, then it has to be notable in some ways. Following the notability guideline by Wikipedia is a must.

Being notable is considered subjective, but there are some criteria that the platform specifically mentions. It will help a band or musician to be considered as notable.

  • The band or musician must have multiple newspaper or magazines article that covers them. These articles must not only report on the upcoming performances or track list but more than this, such as interviews.
  • Any publication that covers their international tour or national tour.
  • To be on the list on the national music chart.
  • Their music work as a representative of a particular style or any sub-genre of music.
  • Winning any music award or even a nomination will work.
  • Their songs or music feature on television shows or movies.
  • Winning a music competition.
  • Their music plays on national radio or any other broadcast.
  • Collaboration with other famous musicians.
  • Performed at big events and festivals.

Notability requires verifiable evidence via authentic sources. If a music band is renowned and has multiple of evidence of being notable, then it will be easy for them to make a Wikipedia page for a band. Notability is not temporary. Once a musician and his work are covered by third parties – it becomes notable for Wikipedia.

Check Out The Core Content Policies

The core content policies are a combination of three elements – verifiability, no original research, and a neutral point of view.

All these three elements are essential if you want to create undeniable content. By following these guidelines, you can make sure that your content is as per the standards of the platform.

Strengthen Your Statements With Verifiable Sources

As per Wikipedia, verifiability means that other people who are using the platform can check that the information comes from a reliable source. Wikipedia doesn’t allow original research. The content you are adding should be resolute by previously published third parties rather than personal beliefs or experiences.

Even if you are sure that the information is factual, you must add a reference.

Don’t State Assumptions

Wikipedia doesn’t cooperate with any kind of original research by editors or writers. ORIGINAL RESEARCH – the term is used on Wikipedia as a reference to the material (facts, allegations, ideas) that are not from any reliable, published sources.

This includes any type of analysis, hypothesis, or synthesis of the published materials. You must cite reliable and published sources which are directly related to your article topic and support the material that you are presenting. No original research means you cannot add any type of interviews, surveys, or research that is not already published by any authentic third party.

But keep in mind that despite you need to cite every fact in the Wikipedia article but you should not plagiarize the content or violate their copyrights. You can rewrite the content as per your understanding while retaining the content.

Don’t Be Bias

If you want to make a Wikipedia page for your band, then you must remember to be not biased. Each article or page on the platform must have to be written from aneutral point of view. It means you should represent your content fairly, proportionately, and without any editorial bias. A neutral point of view is the fundamental aspect of Wikipedia. The slightest hint of biasness in your content will damage the perspective of your article.

All these policies are important to determine the content quality and type, and the writers and editors are welcome to familiarize themselves with these policies.

Simple Steps to Make a Wikipedia Page for A Band

Create a wiki page for musicians and enjoy its perks. Follow the steps below to have a well-crafted page on the platform.

Create Wikipedia Account

First, you have to become a member of the platform by creating an account. You have to visit the create account page on the platform and fill out the form for registration.

In the form, you will have to add a username, password, email address, and captcha.

After this, click create your account and verify it. You can use your new account immediately later the verification.

Gather Resources To Cite

As mentioned above, the citations are the most important part of a Wikipedia page. To make your page worthy and eligible to be on the platform, make sure every statement you write has a backup third-party source. You can use the published information through different books and journals, online articles and blogs, interviews, and more. But keep in mind that no social posts are considered as the eligible as a reference. Your citation and references must be from authentic and verified sources.

Make Edits To Already Published Articles

It is compulsory for you to make at least ten edits before creating a page on Wikipedia. If you didn’t make ten edits, you cannot create a page. Besides this necessity, editing existing Wikipedia pages can help you with the process more accurately. You can get an idea about the content on the platform and comprehend how the platform works for editors and writers.

Learn Wikipedia

How to create a Wikipedia page for a musician? Well, if you want to write about any platform and want to ace it, you must make sure that you have more knowledge about the platform. It is good if you study and learn more about Wikipedia. This is how you can write according to the platform and keep your article in the best Wikipedia article category.

Write The Wikipedia Page For Musician

Now you have to write about the musician or a band. It is suggested to create an outline first to keep the process organized. The outline will help you to be able to keep a check on work. And it is also an essential part of the Wikipedia page. Every Wikipedia page features an outline to let the reader know what they will read about the topic.

After creating an outline, work on your first draft. The Wikipedia article has to be in chronological order. Place first thing first and carry on with the same formula, such as early life and education, debut, and then the work timeline.

You can also add the tables of award nominations and winning rewards. It makes it easy for the readers to read their achievements.

Edit Your Draft

Editing the draft for your page is compulsory. No one can write the perfect Wikipedia page on the first try. You have to make sure that your draft is free of any errors. There should not be any mistakes related to spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and more.

You can also take from your friends or colleagues to pick out the mistakes that can be neglected by your eyes.

Submit It To The Editors

The last step is to make a Wikipedia page for your band. Submit your page for musicians to the platform, and the official editor of the platform will review it. And if your page falls under the standards of Wikipedia, it will be published without any delay. The review process usually takes months.

Ensure that your draft follows the guidelines of the platform, so it will not get rejected. And you can enjoy the outstanding perks of the platform. You can grow your fanbase through a Wikipedia page. And it is best to make yourself credible for the audience and improve your visibility around the globe.

The Wikipedia page is the best source to increase your online presence and rank you at the top of the search engine.

What To Do After The Page Gets Published?

After the creation of your page, when it goes live you have to work on its maintenance of it. There is always a need to keep your page updated so that the readers can read the latest information about the musician or band.

Not only this, but there are millions of independent editors on the platform who can edit your page. You can make sure that you analyze each and every edit made by the outsiders. If you find any edit that can cause harm to your image and correct it immediately. You can allow the push notifications to get an alert every time anyone edits your page.

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