How To Create a Wikipedia Page for a Book

Is there any better platform than Wikipedia to achieve greater online recognition? In today’s landscape, Wikipedia has become a broad panel of providing every little information from the well-known brand to information about your most wanted author or a book.

So, let’s get read on to the process you are seeking for.

What are the qualifying steps to create a Wikipedia page for a Book?

Utilizing this far-reaching platform for marketing purposes can be a real challenge for anyone. Here are some qualifying policies and guidelines that everyone has to follow in order to get their Wikipedia page approved .

  • Check the Notability & Eligibility

Notability is an extremely essential factor in the page creation process on Wikipedia. Notability plays a key role, so you must determine whether an author is worthy enough or eligible to have their particular Wikipedia page for a book.

  • Neutral view of content

A neutral view of content is about composing content that is unbiased and has a neutral point of view . In simple words, the motive of the content must be providing information, not to persuade viewers of something.

  • Verifiable Information

Including verifiable information means editing authentic data so the readers using Wikipedia can make sure that the material is provided from accurate and truthful references.

  • Reliable Sources

It is significant for your content to be based on reliable and published sources . If you are creating a page for a book on Wikipedia, you need to ensure all the appeared sources in the article are taken from verified sources.

  • No Original Research

Wikipedia is against containing any original research in its content. The writer must not add any plagiarized content that is strictly forbidden on the platform. In addition, make sure the sources you are adding are already published on the authentic pages.

Utilizing these prior-mentioned Wikipedia guidelines, you will be able to get a qualitative page that will bring a massive range of traffic to your article.

But before jumping to know page creation process, you need to take a short view of things that must comprise while creating a Wikipedia page for a book.

Things Must Mention While Creating a Wikipedia Page for A Book

When anyone plans to make a page for a book on Wikipedia, there are certain facts that you must keep in consideration. Let’s scroll down to understand the list of details that is compulsory to be added while creating a Wikipedia page for a book.

  • Book’s Title

The book title is the essential marketing decision you will make in creating a Wikipedia page for a book. It gives potential readers the first impression you intend them to have of your book.

  • Book’s Cover Photo

A desire to garner the attention of millions of viewers is only possible by putting the cover photo of your book, as it is a great way to introduce what the story is about.

  • Author’s Name

When creating a Wikipedia page for a book, it’s necessary to write the author’s name and a small bio . As it is the only source of details, your audience will have about him or her.

  • Country

Including the name of the writer’s country is another essential element that is required by Wikipedia while making a page for a book; where does the author belong?

  • Genre

In the genre section, you must let your audience know about the type of content the book’s author produces, whether it is a historic novel or a fantasy story.

  • Language

Language is a significant part that you must mention when thinking about making a Wikipedia page for a book. Mentioning the language on the page influence the readers book-buying decision.

To better understand, you may look for the list of best-selling books on Wikipedia, such as A Tale of Two Cities and many more.

A Step-by-step Guide on How to Make a Wikipedia Page for A Book

All the previously mentioned details are discussed to simplify your Wikipedia page creation process simpler. Like other entrepreneurs and startups, the authors and their books also need to be valued, respected, and encouraged through this broad encyclopedia. If you are pondering how to create a page for a book on Wikipedia, this guide has covered every essential step that can be very supportive for you in the Wikipedia page-making journey.

Let’s get started!

Step#1- Create an Account to get register

In the journey of creating a Wikipedia page for a book, the first and foremost step is to create an account to get sign in. To do this, you have to visit Wikipedia’s homepage and press the option “ Create an account ” in the top right. After clicking the option, the screen will open with the following requirements.

  • Choose a suitable username

Select a username that you want to use widely. However, before selecting a user, be sure that it is unique as well as original. The Wikipedia Username policy states what types of usernames are acceptable. Wikipedia does not allow a selection of any name that is already taken. You have to select a unique username that fits your page.

  • Enter the strong password

Next, think of a password of your choice that is not used by any other website. Make sure the password you are creating is strong so that no other person can harm your private Wikipedia account. Enter the password again to confirm and memorize it.

  • Email Address

Enter the correct email password. Adding an email allows the users to get any important information from Wikipedia. And it is required to recuperate your account in case you lose your password.

Step#2- Opt For a unique topic

A unique topic is collecting a subject that has not been covered by Wikipedia yet. As you already have learned above, the Wikipedia qualifying steps clearly mention that notability is an essential clause in order to create a Wikipedia page . Therefore, if you want to get approved for your Wikipedia page for a book, you have to vote for such topic that does not exist on the platform. Furthermore, you need to pour extreme dedication to gain the readability of a Wikipedia page.

Step#3- Verify the Red Link Criteria

Now to make sure whether the topic you have selected is unique or not, you have to visit Wikipedia’s requested article search bar. If the article appears in the red link, you can choose the topic to write about. Verifying the red link allows users to maintain Wikipedia’s platform credibility, and similar titles do not smash together. Wikipedia doesn’t permit to write any promotional articles. Thus, when creating a red link, you must be sure that it should have a valid title that meets the notability.

Step#4- Write an optimized Text

After collecting all the credible and trustworthy research, you have to begin writing content that must be SEO-friendly. The SEO-optimized content enables users to rank higher in the Google search and spot in the millions of viewers every day. Make sure you are producing high-quality content that attracts huge traffic right away. Write the quality content and upload it on the Wikipedia article wizard , as shown below.

In addition, if you are unsure about posting the article on Wikipedia, you have a chance of a Wikipedia sandbox where you can try out editing without affecting original articles. The more you write captivating content, the higher your chances of getting better rankings and being permitted for your page by Wikipedia authorities.

Step#5- Don’t Forget to add Citations & Format

Wikipedia is ultimately the world’s largest encyclopedia, so to show the validity of your information, the user must include citations in their article and primary sources. Ensure every citation you add is from verifiable and reliable sources such as newspapers, published books, or public government records.

In addition, you have to organize your content in a proper format in order to garner the reader’s attention. According to great SEO techniques, the paragraph length doesn’t exceed 4-5 lines. You must use subheadings, bullet points, and images to define the valuable information and make it presentable. The more you make your content easy, the more it will help you gain the shortest attention span from the viewers and entice the search engine ranking.

Step#6- Proofread everything before stepping forward

Congratulations! You have covered the long way of Wikipedia page creation for a book. Now the final submission of your page is just a step away. Once you have outlined your content, it’s time to scrutinize it with a sharp eye. Go through your content to analyze the mistakes. Moreover, be conscious of the structure of the content to make it flawless and error-free. You may take help from an innovative proofreading tool to keep in-depth research.

Step#7- Submit your page for the Final Review

After carefully ensuring that every step is finalized in perfect condition, then it’s the right time to submit your Wikipedia page for a book to get approval. The option of “ create a page ” will appear on the screen, and you have to click on it in order to upload your file.

Once you submit your page on Wikipedia, you need to wait patiently because your page can take around 4 to 6 months to publish your article .

Step#8- Keep editing your page for the instant reach

Among the several clauses to create a Wikipedia page for a book, updating your page regularly is another essential step that can not be missed. When your Wikipedia page gets permitted or available by Wikipedia authorities, then be focused on updating and editing your content. If you desire to run your Wikipedia page for a book for the longest, you must keep your audience engaged by editing and revamping your article.

Final Thoughts

This comprehensive step-by-step guide has been structured to create a picture-perfect Wikipedia page for a book. All you have to do is to follow these steps accurately that are aligned with the platform and get a higher chance to build online recognition via this vast encyclopedia. And the last is the more focused you are, the better your page will become.

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