How to Create A Wikipedia Biography Page

Wikipedia is the leading hub to acquire the most credible information, whether you are looking for the biography of a living person or reading an autobiography. It provides adequate knowledge about any personality. If you want to make a good biography page, it’s necessary to do thorough research about the person and then take your next move. Make sure you dig into every little piece of information to get a better understanding of the personality. The deeper you know the personality, the more chances to create a competitive Wikipedia biography page.

Before you begin the Biography page creation process, it is crucial to have several things clear first. Wikipedia is an open-collaborative platform that allows everybody to create their page and edit the information. But it doesn’t mean any type of content will accept and publish on Wikipedia. There are a set of Biography page creation guidelines, rules, and policies that must have to followed. If you are stressing about how to create a Wikipedia biography page, follow each step mentioned below;

How To Make a Wikipedia Biography

Some major steps to follow create Wikipedia bio page;

Step #1 – Create A Wikipedia Account First

Step #2 – Display Your Existence by Showing a Good Reputation

Step #3 – Select the Page’s Heading

Step #4 – Verify Whether the Proposed Title Is Existed

Step #5 – Wikipedia Biography Page Creation

Step #6 – Create the Page’s Content

Step #7 – Review the Material Before Completing It

Step #8 – Send the Page for Review

Now, it is time to delve deeper into the page creation journey. Each & every step discusses in thorough detail. It lets you create an immaculate Wikipedia page that will quickly get approval from Wikipedia authorities.

Step #1 – Create A Wikipedia Account First

Do you think you can access any social platform without registering your name on it ? Usually ‘Not.’ Similarly, when you decide to write a Wikipedia biography page, you “ create your Wikipedia Account .”

Many people misunderstood between the account creation and page creation journey. Account creation is simply the gateway to entering the Wikipedia world. Otherwise, Wikipedia page creation is the detailed process where you create your article with thorough research that gets published.

To create your account on Wikipedia, stick to the steps mentioned below;

  • Open the main page of Wikipedia by clicking on this link (
  • Then read Wikipedia in your language to understand what exactly it is
  • It is better to choose English for article creation because more than 65 million articles published in English
  • At the top right corner of your screen “Create Account” option is available
  • Upon clicking on create account option, another file will open where you need to add the legit information.
  • Instead of adding your real name, consider a username that should be public, not private. You can also check Wikipedia’s Username policy to create the right one

Source: Wikipedia Username

  • Create a unique and strong password
  • Must add an email address to recover your account in case you forget your password.
  • You will receive an account confirmation link in your email and click it for confirmation
  • Once your Wikipedia account gets confirmed, log into your account

The very first step to creating a Wikipedia biography page is completed. Now, it is time to head toward the page creation journey. But before this, you need to become an autoconfirmed user first.

Step #2 – Display Your Existence by Showing a Good Reputation

If you think it’s enough to get your account and start writing a Wikipedia biography page, then it is not easy as it sounds. Firstly, you need to show some credible edits with four days older account. However, once you registered on Wikipedia , do 7 authentic edits on the existing wiki pages by adding relevant citations & genuine links.

Those who are failed to perform the right sourcing might ruin your credibility & reliability. It might lead up to a negative reputation. Keep in mind, the more accurate edits you perform there are more chances to get the Wikipedia biography page approved.

Step #3 – Select the Page’s Heading

The one thing you must take into account is the title you will use just for your Wikipedia biography. Your biography page’s headline is quite important if you want it to garner attention of your readers. Therefore, your title must be distinctive, straightforward, and appealing in order to construct a Wikipedia biography page. Make sure it should be unique and simple to stand out as compared to other page. And the content your create must be comparable.

Step #4 – Verify Whether the Proposed Title Is Existed

Once you’re finished with the topic selection, you should use the search bar to check if your page title has already been used on Wikipedia or not.

You must type your title into the search bar to see if it shows up as a red or blue link.

  • Blue Link: If your title name is blue, it simply signifies that the title you opt for already exists. You must select a different one.
  • Red Link: If your topic name is in red color, it signifies that the topic you choose does not discuss on Wikipedia and you can proceed with it further.

Request Page Creation

When the red link indicates that the biography page does not exist, you can move to the next step and click the “ask for the page to be created” option. Once you click it, you can go through the detailed page creation guideline about any topic. However, you will read thorough instructions for creating a Wikipedia biography page, and you may then move on to the next step which is article creation.

Step #5 – Wikipedia Biography Page Creation

Wikipedia is strict with its rules and policies. The platform advised creating content in a neutral tone that must be free from any kind of biased information. Your content should be engaging and valuable that contain legit information. Writing a Wikipedia biography page is the most overwhelming task, which is why adhering to the Wikipedia page creation guidelines is necessary. You need to find out the facts and figures about a person’s achievements & work.

However, Wikipedia has two main wings on which its content is revolving. One is credibility, and the second is notability. A well-versed Wikipedia page is always following the content creation guidelines and even considers the Wikipedia biography template .

If you still wondered, what to write on the Wikipedia biography page, here are some crucial elements you can add to your bio page.

  • Early Life

When you are writing a biography, it is advised for writers to talk about the person’s early life. Must mention where that person was born, where he spends his/her childhood and different sorts of questions like this. This may ignite curiosity among readers and even encourage them to delve deeper into your article.

  • Career

When you divide your article into different stages, the second option is a career. While writing a biography page, is another important aspect that needs to be considered. At this stage, you can discuss in which field a person invested his life and what type of expertise and skills they have. Also, discuss the opportunities, challenges, problems, and scandals a person faced in his/her life. Try to cover every aspect with complete detail and make sure the content you add should be cited with genuine and legit resources. Wikipedia never accepts any content that contains irrelevant information.

  • Marital status

Individuals are always curious to know the personal lives of the person whom they are reading about. So, on the Wikipedia biography page, you can talk about the person’s marriage and kids to develop their interest in your content.

  • Academic history

Make sure you discuss the academic history of a person to engage your targeted audience in your content. Tell the readers how they spend their educational life, why that person is getting so popular, what he/she has studied, and more. Keep in mind that the more interesting information you will provide; the more chances you have to nurture the lead’s attention.

  • Rewards & Honors

This portion makes the Wikipedia biography page more compelling and engaging. Readers always want to read about the successful stage of a person, so mentioning their achievements, rewards, and accomplishment surely add weight to your content. This is the most important point that justifies the reason for getting fame and encourages you to have a wiki bio page.

  • Political & philosophical views

Adding any unethical, illicit, or political aspects is strictly prohibited in Wikipedia. If you are writing about a specific person, you can share their thoughts on philosophy and politics in a general tone. This type of content gives a clearer picture of the person you are writing.

  • Bibliography & referencing

Most importantly, what you need to consider for your biography page is referencing and citing from a specified resource. On Wikipedia, you cannot publish anything without adding proper resources. So, it is obligatory for you to cite each source with every detail and proper sourcing. Make sure every information, from the person’s early years through their death, is supported by reliable and accurate citations. Your page won’t be approved by the volunteer community if you don’t complete this.

Step #6 – Create the Page’s Content

After gathering each piece of information, you should start the article creation process. Wikipedia gives you two options whether you can create a rough draft or directly start writing on an Article Wizard. Make sure your content is free from grammatical errors, sentence structure errors, tenses, and phrase issues. Avoid using informal words and tones that might affect the content readability. Check for flaws and errors to examine everything perfectly and create an impeccable Wikipedia biography page.

Step #7 – Review the Material Before Completing It

The most crucial thing you should think about for your biography page is proofing and reviewing. You cannot publish anything on Wikipedia without doing thought-provoking editing. Ensure your content is properly aligned with all necessary information. Before page submission, try to remove every error to get furnished content.

Step #8 – Send the Page for Review

Once you performed every step smoothly, then the last step is to submit your biography page for approval. For this, you need to click on the submit option and then wait for the approval. The page acceptance might take time due to thousands of page requests on the official Wikipedia site. However, the Wikipedia biography page approval takes almost 3 to 6 months, so you have to wait until they send back their response to you.

How To Write a Wikipedia Biography

Wondering about how to write a Wikipedia biography page? Then let’s have a look at the biography page creation guidelines!

  1. Try To Maintain a Neutral Point of View
  2. Do Verifiable Research
  3. Must Conduct the Notability Test
  4. Check Your Subject Credibility
  5. Wikipedia’s Five Pillars to Look
  6. What The Wikipedia Is Not
  7. Avoid using jargons

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you write your biography on Wikipedia?

Anybody can write a Wikipedia page. But Wikipedia suggests avoiding conflict of interest and creating content in a promotional tone which is why creating your own biography on Wikipedia sounds overwhelming due to strict content creation guidelines.

How to write your own Wikipedia bio?

To get your Wikipedia bio page, make sure your content must be unique, thought-provoking, and complete research-based. Avoid adding any unethical tone, must consider citations, and avoid vandalism at every stage.

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