How To Create A Google Knowledge Panel

Most of you think that Google is the advertising company and yes, it is! that focus on AdWords PPC, but today it is more than that. It doesn’t matter what platform you will use; search engines are designed to gather information about everything and aim to make data accessible to everyone quickly & efficiently.

Google is creating the biggest knowledge repository in human history. It uses reputable websites like the CIA World Factbook and Wikipedia as sources to compile information on any topic. Google wants to create a knowledge library where anybody from everywhere can access information via the search engine.

Those who are wondering about how to create a Google Knowledge panel, then let’s have a look at this read. This comprehensive guide is designed to cover the whole topic thoroughly. So, here you will read;

  • What is the Google Knowledge panel?
  • Types of Google knowledge panel
  • How to create a Google Knowledge panel?
  • How do I create a Google Knowledge panel?
  • What you can do to improve your chances of getting a Google Knowledge Panel?

What is the Google Knowledge Panel?

According to Wikipedia;

Google Knowledge Panels are informational boxes about well-known and recognized people, places, or things that show up on Google search engine results pages (SERPs). Whenever anyone conduct searches about some specific topic, it looks at the right side of your screen as the search results.”

However, Google collects information from different sources, such as Wikipedia in order to give pertinent & factual information to others. The knowledge panel holds every little detail about your search query and ensure to give the exact piece of information you are looking for.

Whether you search for a celebrity , find your business niche, or look for the history of any country, it lets you acquire any information anytime without hassle. As per Google, the knowledge panel generates automatically when you search for any subject. Even if the information gets changes, the panel is instantly updated.

Types Of Google Knowledge Panel

When you want to know about how to get a Google knowledge panel, first, you must know the basics of it. There are two main types of Google Panel; Local Knowledge Panel and Brand Knowledge panel.

  • Local Knowledge Panel

When someone searches for a reputable local business, Google gives them a local knowledge panel with the most credible and essential information about the firm. But the thing is that panel does not appear outside the geographical area of the enterprise.

If you wish that Google will show your name in the local knowledge panel, you can start by creating your “ Google business profile account .” Once you’ve done that perfectly, then you will verify that you are the owner of that firm and claim your account eventually. When your firm has been authenticated, you can add or modify any pertinent information related to your business and keep your knowledge panel current and correct.

  • Brand Knowledge Panel (Personal Panel)

Brand panels are also known as the personal panel that frequently appear in the top Google Search results. Usually, the businesses that created their Wikipedia pages often get named on the Brand Knowledge panel. But sometimes it happens that Google occasionally uses data from other sources, particularly for the more well-known & reputable firms.

A brand knowledge panel is not open for everyone; this honorary title is decided by Google. A company that carries enough reputation, authority, and integrity, then Google will create the panel for search engine pages (SERPs). The majority of the brands and companies who created Wikipedia pages have a chance to get a Brand knowledge panel.

How To Create a Google Knowledge Graph?

Google gathers data about your brand from many web sources and incorporates it into its Knowledge Graph to give a professional look to your business. No doubt, it acts as a digital business card internationally and aids in improving SEO.

However, there are loads of advantages to using Google knowledge panel, such as;

  • It improves the company reputation
  • It enhances the organic traffic
  • It increases the visibility of your brand
  • It gives higher brand authority
  • It offers greater interaction on search engines

Consider a Google knowledge panel as your corporation’s Wikipedia page that may be found in Google search results! If you are thinking about, how do I create a Google Knowledge panel, and is there a way to make one? So, here you go!

  • Create Your Google Brand Account
  • Provide A Detail Update to Your Google Brand Account
  • Must Optimize Your Google SEO
  • Send Your Website to A Google Search Console
  • Get Verified on Google
  1. Create Your Google Brand Account

To get a Google knowledge panel, you must first create a Google brand account for your firm. A brand account differs from a regular account. The brand account can be managed and administrated by multiple user account. It is done to divide up the administrative responsibilities among several people.

Below you will get the link of Google Account where you can look the policies for creating your brand account.

Source: Google Brand Account

  1. Provide A Detail Update to Your Google Brand Account

Once you get your Google brand account, make sure you update it with the most pertinent and credible information. This covers the URLs of all websites, bios , and social media profiles .

When you submit the application for the certified Google Knowledge panel, bear in mind Google always considers the legitimacy, legacy, quality, and quantity of the information you give to the Google brand account. Because this data will eventually be uploaded to Google’s knowledge graph, so at this point, there are some key indicators that Google will look at;

  • Does your business have a website?
  • Do you have social media profiles for your brand?
  • Are there any major press releases or publications that mention your brand name?

Ensure all the information you add to your brand account need to be public.

  1. Must Optimize Your Google SEO

Optimizing your Google SEO will let you appear in the top search ranking. When someone searches your brand name on Google, it will mark your name in the list of top 3 or 4 search results. Make sure your company has social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles to get easily rank your web page. Yet, you cannot easily identify and evaluate your ranking on Google search results, but optimizing social media existence with exact search queries helps to get more people to your brand website.

  1. Send Your Website to A Google Search Console

Google needs to develop the link between your company’s website and your brand account in order to verify that you are who you claim to be. It is the second last step, where you need to inform Google that your brand website is directed by the account that is trying to create a Google panel.

However, you need to use Google Search Console where you can register your website. Make sure everything on the Google brand account should be consistent and uniform. Once you submit your website, ensure that Google has enough information that let it to determine your brand and start creating your Google panel.

Source: Google Search Console

  1. Get Verified on Google

After some days, you will notice that your brand content starts appearing at the right corner of the Google search results.

At this time, you may see the options bottom of the panel that will take you to the Google brand verification. It is the most crucial step that claims ownership of your Google Knowledge panel. Keep in mind that verification is the key to getting Google Knowledge Panel.

However, when you click that link, it takes you to the Google brand verification form. This form will ask for images of your login info from different accounts. Be careful to demonstrate edit privileges in your screenshot, your phone number, personal photo, along with your ID card. You must provide all of this information to determine that you are the legitimate owner of your firm.

How Do I Create A Google Knowledge Panel?

Step #1 – Make A Wikipedia Page

The most reliable online information source is Wikipedia. Without any doubt, it is the primary source for the majority of Google’s Knowledge Graph results. You all know Wikipedia is considered a surprisingly accurate platform for you to gather factual information.

Therefore, having a Wikipedia page about your brand or anything else lets you appear in the Google Knowledge Panel naturally.

Step #2 – Create Your Page on Wikidata

Another open-source platform that has grown and gained massive popularity over the past several years is Wikidata. It has the same effect as Wikipedia, except it caters to a much more specialized and specified clientele. It’s necessary to use Wikidata if you want to get your name in the Google Knowledge panel.

Step #3 – Try to Be Active on social media

If you want to get your name in Google Search Panel, most active on social media platforms, and show your entity to everybody. It is the most amazing source that lets you show your presence on Google search. You need to create a relevant and interesting social profile to promote your brand through Knowledge Graph.

Google displays the social profile links in its Knowledge Panel results. So, you ought to make profiles on; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

These are the main social networks that will appear in Google Knowledge Graph. Though you can use other platforms as well.

Step #4 – Set Out Your Scheme Markup

Structured data implementation on your website enables Google to analyze the contents of your brand website efficiently and effectively. It helps search engines to understand how your website content is structured. Once you integrate the scheme markup, it can surely improve the CTRs and also increase your online visibility.

You can also use meta tags to describe your brand website details in complete depth. To optimize meta tags, you can include the title and meta description by integrating the right keywords.

Step #5 – Add Entries on Local Directories

Local stores are also featured in the Google information panel. If you want to get it for your local business, you need to make a Google Business account. It may list your business on Google maps which also helps to show up in the Knowledge panel.

What You Can Do to Improve Your Chances of Getting a Google Knowledge Panel?

  • Must create user-generated content
  • Follow a user-centric approach
  • Never skip user reviews
  • Build your website authority


Adopting these procedures can assist in building a knowledge panel for your corporation. However, you must plan out efficient tactics that help you produce user-centric content and develop excellent backlinks for it.

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